Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why Should Webmasters and Bloggers Put a Spiritual Link or Bible Verses Link on Their Websites?

The answer to the question above is also a question, why most people (means all people not only website owners or bloggers in online world but all people including in offline world) failed on their journey? Is their mindset are correct?

Most people don't succeed because they have the wrong mindset. They always being greedy and want fast and easy work. They believe in get-rich-quick method. They have faith in short time processing and using the motto, "work smarter, not harder", but not knowing what that motto really means. Most of failed personalites hates patience. And all of them give up and never see success.

A Good Husband and Good Wife - Base On Biblical Wisdom What Are Their Characteristics and How To Choose Your Right Couple? - Part One

Choosing the perfect partner in life was the most hardest thing people do.
Although they thought and feel that their present partner is the perfect person for them, many couples are still breaking up in their future relationships.

Picking up your partner with yourself or with your own instinct and judgment, is this really Biblical?