Friday, January 25, 2013

Did you think to Pray?

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Praying can often be one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can ever do. However, if you are anything like me you will often find yourself either being too tired or forgetting to pray every day. But it is in the times of sadness when a close family member passes away and you wonder what really happens when this life ends that you find yourself on your knees. 
There is nothing wrong with this but it is my goal (and hopefully yours) that we think to pray every day and not just when life is going badly. This article will help you come up with some new ways to pray every day and to pray with heart!

The first way to pray a little better every day is to try and remember everything you are grateful for every day. While it is important to be grateful for different things in your life I have also found that even if your day is awful noticing what you are grateful for makes the day better. Even if you are having a bad day there are many things to be grateful for. For example I could be grateful for my health, my job, family, that my dog can catch a Frisbee or anything else you can think of. The goal is to find something that makes you happy even when your day is awful. 

When you pray you will express your thanks to God for all the good things you have been given. When you start a prayer with all that you are grateful for you will feel a lot better expressing any concerns or sadness you have. There is something always great about starting a prayer with something good. Now that you got your prayer down like a pro it is time for a little trick to remember to pray daily. I know this tip is going to sound a little childish but I swear it works. You are going to go outside and find a nice rock that is a pretty good size. With some paint or a marker you are going to write “prayer rock” on the top of it. 

Every night before you go to bed you will put that rock right where you would kneel to pray. The next morning with any luck you will step on your rock (or dodge it) and remember that you need to pray. This will give you a great start to your day and ensure you are ready for life’s challenges. In closing you will only ever get as much as you put into your prayer. 

If your prayer is just a lip service that has no emotion or thought you won’t get much back. However, if you really make an effort to pray hard I promise that you will have a better experience then you have had ever. 

So the next time you are feeling down or trip on your prayer rock ask yourself “did I think to pray”?

The Author: This is a guest post is coming from my beloved friend Matt Smith. If you want to read more about his articles, you can visit his blog Is There Life After Death.

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Did you think to Pray?
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