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16 Encouraging And Inspiring Quotes Of My Fellow Bloggers (Batch 03)

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It's been a week since my last post, sorry guys for being busy offline.
So my post today is about Inspirational Quotes from my Christian bloggers I have collected.

Happy reading.

From: Emilights of
"If you can see the light, then you are in the dark"

From: Varun2313676 of TechPix
Expose the Techie in You!

From: Ologundudu abraham Of Seasoned Life Journal
You are responsible for what you earn. If you want to earn big, think big.

From: Techchaser 
"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish".

From: Technobox
follow your mind & heart. Keep it simple.

From: Rijal of Cahaya di Hatimu
life is like climbing a mountain. walked and walked but there are times when we have to stop focusing power to reach peaks

Quotes images about If you cannot discover happiness invent it

From: Tasneemh of Humor-itarian Work Center

  • If you cannot discover happiness, invent it.
  • Never, never give up what you deserve and never accept what you do not.
  • Life is not what we are told, but what we believe and turn it in to.
  • Desires are like wild horses it requires intelligence and character to conquer them.
  • Question is not what we like, but what we deserve
  • It does not matter if the hill is steep or the rock is hard, what does matter is how high you can look.
  • When the night is darkest the coming day is the brightest.
  • Thoughts could change, but morals and ethics must never.
  • Listen, learn and lead.
  • Don't win, get understanding.
  • The gap between what we are and what we want to be can be filled by the belief what we can do.
  • The longer we wait for the appropriate time, the more it becomes inappropriate.
  • There is no limit to the limits on you if you limit yourself.
  • Truth is touchstone of real success.
  • Life is what we make out of it and not the other way round.
  • When I lose track of myself, I go to my childhood. 
  • It is better to persuade than intimidate, talk than walk.
  • Always sound enthusiastic as it is music to the ears.
  • Truth is sacred, but must not remain confined and secluded.
  • An apology is empathetic, a sorry is diplomatic and an admission is humanistic.
  • Dont give up live up to your character.
  • We can go as far as we can see. 
  • Be first to give and last to receive.
From: Free Web Game 360
Make it simple, not simpler.

From: Andi ILLank of Ciniki Ronk
Try to write not just for the money, but write bcos u like to write ^_^

From: Shoeb of hightech-post
Sharing knowledge is Caring Future Technology

From: Josline Massey Of Stand Up and Be Counted
Change is healthier than stagnation, and more fearful than a loaded gun

From: thehopeacademy of Law of Aattraction
The subconscious part of your mind is your slave; it is at your beck and call 24 hours a day, every single day of your life.

From: Dorianne Mamo Of *askorianne
That moment where you want to listen to something meaningful; nothing out of the ordinary, just something...meaningful. Instead you're punished by the sound of silence, and a million other doubts and insecurities.

Temilola Globalwalyy of Health Save Blog
Don't let what you are right now, stop you from seeing what you can become..

Syd(esswhydee) of The EssWhyDee Blog
"Every Soul Shall Taste Death"

From: Raj (appleadvices) of Apple Advices | It's all about apple devices
Tough times of Life are the Best times to learn What life is all about and to show how faithful are we to GOD :)

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My Infamous Bible Quote

"If FAITH can move mountains and HOPE can wait forever, then CHARITY with LOVE can conquer the world." ~~~GetSickCure

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16 Encouraging And Inspiring Quotes Of My Fellow Bloggers (Batch 03)
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