Friday, February 17, 2012

Bible Verses and Bible Quotes on Good Without God

Is there really anything "Good without God"? Is this for real?

Where did "Good without God" quotes came from? Well, obviously it came from the people who knows nothing about God or it is good to say that it came from the person who don't believe in God. But is there a sense of wisdom in this kind quotes?

Let us go back to basic knowledge of wordings!
When we say the word good we cannot ignore God. Why? Because if Good are without God it will become "o" only.

Let us take out the word "God" from "Good" and look at the image below.
Basic Information on Good without God Equation
Maybe some of our readers will laugh with this very basic information about wordings, but believe it or not you cannot ignore the principle of getting the "root word" (even elementary study root wording)

This post about the quotes "good without God" are very basic but GetSickCure are going to discuss deeper meaning on "Good without God" quotes and this kind of quotes are kinds of misleading quotes.

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Bible Verses and Bible Quotes on Good Without God
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