Saturday, January 12, 2013

Testing Blog Commenting System - Traffic Generator Method

This year I am focusing my time in this blog and testing how to generate traffic, I mean, organic readers who will visit my blog. 
Content is my first weapon on how to encourage Christians to go in my site but I am thinking that this method is not enough to get notice by visitors, so I plan again to get back from basics and that is putting Commenting System on this blog and I choose Disqus in this method. I will update this post on what I have experience by using this plugin. 

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a commenting script or plugin that can be embbed on your blog, wether it is Blogger, Tumblr, or Wordpress and any other blog platform.

Why Should I Use Disqus?

In my personal opinion, I use Disqus because it can help my site get noticed by other blogger in the world (who also uses this plugin). 

Yes, traffic. If your blog is out of traffic, it is like a body without a spirit. Visitors or readers act an important character to your blog. We blog because we want to share the world the information we know, we want to inspire others by our thoughts and experiences. But what if no one can read your thoughts? And no one can notice you are there? Then your blogging is useless. That is why many bloggers pay for traffic and some uses Blackhat technique to increase their search rankings and get noticed by searchers. 

Well, That is not my line, I will do what God taught and that is being natural. So I am using Disqus to encourage more commentators and real visitors to my blog. 

Discovery - Increase Traffic and Earn Revenue

Another good thing about Disqus is, you can earn from traffic your site generated while increasing your blog traffic at the same time. This is through their Discovery Program. You can check the full detail at I think there is a lot more things I should explore in using Disqus commenting system this 2013.

My Infamous Bible Quote

"If FAITH can move mountains and HOPE can wait forever, then CHARITY with LOVE can conquer the world." ~~~GetSickCure

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Testing Blog Commenting System - Traffic Generator Method
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