Thursday, March 14, 2013

My First Top Level Domain Name

Top Level Domain For Christian Quotes
It is been a year since I started this blog and now, I have won my first top level domain.
Yeah, funny for a simple blogger like me but I can tell the world that I get this domain because of my work as a Non-profit blogger.

Now I am taking lift of my niche and started targeting keywords about Christian business online and how to improve it using inspirations came from the word of God. The problem with my sub-domain here in blogger were some of the site won't accept you because the extension name .blogspot was taken as a spam blog over the world wide web.

So guys, just want to share this wonderful new to you and please pray me for my online journey.

From: Eve Adams

My Infamous Bible Quote

"If FAITH can move mountains and HOPE can wait forever, then CHARITY with LOVE can conquer the world." ~~~GetSickCure

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My First Top Level Domain Name
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