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How To Make Wordpress Admin Panel Mobile Friendly

Author Note:This post are continuation of 15 Steps on How to Set up and Install Wordpress using Cellphone. In order to become related, you must backread that post. Godbless.

This next post tutorial will tackle on how to configure Wordpress backend using my mobile phone and how to make your Wordpress admin panel cellphone friendly.
After we successfully installed Wordpress script, we have to configure some things on our new created website (like settings, permalinks, plug ins, themes and much more...), but what if users are only using their cellphones? They "can not" configure it because of Wordpress GUI admin dashboard is not mobilephone user friendly.
Lets take a look at the screen shot on my cellphone.

Log in to your Wordpress admin dashboard.

Fill in you username and password.

After logging in you will see this page. Just ignore it.

No settings configuration

No settings configuration

No settings configuration

As you can see on the screen shot above, we can not configure our Wordpress dashboard to change or add more elements because most of the settings were hidden. So what we gonna do right now is look for plugin that will make our admin GUI (General User Interface) mobile friendly. That plugin is called "Juiz Smart Mobile Admin".
How to do that? Well just look the screen shot below.

First, go to your url box and add "/plugins.php" then hit enter.
Note: you must be in your dashboard or admin backend when doing this (ex. www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/plugins.php).

Once page reloaded, you can see the "add new" and press it.

After reload again, you can see search box there and input the word "Juiz Smart Mobile Admin", then hit search plugins.

You can see now the result and look for Juiz Smart Mobile Admin and hit Install Now.

Just press ok.

Now Activate Plugin

Now look...

We now have a mobile friendly admin dashboard. We can see the options like plugins and settings

Stay tune because we are not done yet. The next post will be on how to setup and customize our Wordpress to become more alive.
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How To Make Wordpress Admin Panel Mobile Friendly
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