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10 Vital Reasons Why 98 Percent Of Bloggers Failed Online

Top 10 Christian Quotes About Bloggers Failure
Wondering why many bloggers failed online? Read this post and get some ideas why they give up hard in their online career.

There's no exact measurements how many bloggers didn't succeed online, but the naked truth about 9 out of 10 blogs I saw from search results are really outdated and long abandon by bloggers and web owners. This was the reason why I study some vital points on why they stop blogging and leave their blog. And here are some things I discovered about it.

10. They Hate Writting

We know that blogs are content generated sites, so if your blog has less content, people will never come back to your blog. Most bloggers don't want to write their post, instead, they copy and spin article and paste it to their blog. When visitors read your content and can not understand what the spin content means, (because it was an auto generated article) they were probably get upset and never come back again.

9. They Compete With Other Blogs

Blogging is not competing. It is being passionate about your personal interest (i.e. Hobbies, Likes or Favorites). All humans have different tastes and experiences in life, so why are we going to compete with each other? Blogging is sharing what you can help for people who needs ideas and informations that you can give to them. If you just blog because you want to compete with other bloggers by outranking them on search results, well, your chances of being successful is only 1%, because blogging is also networking and socializing. If you don't know how to make friends online, it is like also competing from one another.

8. Impatient

Most bloggers don't know how to wait. Blogging is not a fly by night system. You have to build relationship with other bloggers and webmasters in order to survive competition and get notice on the web, but if you think that blogging is a short term process, that will be the time of your failure. You have to make your readers comfortable with your content and have a trust on you and gaining trust is a long process but very profitable in the future.

7. Being Lazy Online And Busy Offline

Being lazy in a way of updating their blog but being busy in outside (offline) world. Most bloggers have their job offline and the reason why they cannot feed their blogs is because of being busy with their work.

6. Insufficient Motivation

When creating a blog, a blogger must equip a motivated heart because this will help him/her strive from the future trial. How can they continue if they lose hope from being a successful blogger? Without an inspiration, a person will not get motivated. Even in offline world, many people tend to commit suicide because they cannot overcome their problem. It is also the same in blogging, they failed to continue because no one motivated their soul.

5. They Are Afraid Of Learning

I have also read one blog entitled "5 Horrible Reasons Why Blogs Fail Hard And How To Avoid Them!" and one of the reason they tackle there is having fear on learning. This is definitely true and most of blogger failed because of this. Blog is not only writing awesome post, you have to learn also the basic way on how blogs works in the backend (i.e. plugins, installations, html, css, etc.). If you can not learn the basic way, then how can you survive the advance systems of the Internet?

4. Wrong Niche

If you are going to create a blog, you must first ask your self if you really love the content you will write. Doing things you didn't really know is like eating a food you didn't like. Writing in a niche or profession you actually didn't know will get you negative reputations from people who are reading your post.

3. Wrong Mindset

What was your reason why you blog? Most blogger failed because they do not know how to think the right mindset. 90 percent of them create blogs today because they know that they will gain profits tommorow. They also think that blogging is a get rich quick job, and they also thought that blogging is a short time process.

2. They Afraid To Fail

You've heard it right, they are afraid of it. Having 16 visits a day coming from organic traffic doesn't mean from stopping you to continue updating your blog, instead, it is a trigger that you must improve your content and add sharing what you really know. The problem with most bloggers is, they are afraid experiencing failure and before they experience it... they already quit.

1. They Don't Want To Become Successful

Maybe you are laughing when you reach number one. But the Truth is really funny. I am sure you will ask me, How come you say that they do not want success? No one wants to fail. We know it, no one wants failure but the truth is, if everyone will only pursue (what ever happen) the things they want to achieve, they will get it 100%. Just like in number two, people stop from doing it before they achieve it.

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10 Vital Reasons Why 98 Percent Of Bloggers Failed Online
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